Hire a Virtual Admin Assistant

A virtual assistant can help with your day to day tasks and can work remotely according to requirements.

A virtual assistant is your around-the-clock secretary/administrative assistant.  From simple letter-drafting, to overseeing the administrative details of your sales staff, your virtual assistant becomes your right-hand person for all the details you are too busy to handle yourself. Need airline reservations?  Not a problem when you have an efficient VA at the other end of your computer.  Working on a Power Point presentation and need help?  Your personal VA can take over the task and free you to work on more profitable aspects of your business.  A VA is invaluable for performing all the details of running a business.

What a virtual assistant can help with?

Virtual assistant can help you with the following tasks on daily basis or as required:

  • Web or market research
  • Social media account management
  • Blog Posts
  • Sending and responding to Emails
  • File conversion
  • Rewriting from Scanned words, Pictures e.t.c.
  • Project management
  • Live Customer service
  • Data Entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Website / Blog Management

Who need help of a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistant may help anybody looking for help in day to day tasks while with the convenience of not having any office space and expenses. A VA can help the following personals:

  • Small business owner / startup who doesn’t have office space
  • Artists or freelancer who can not afford full time employee
  • Overworked employee to ease some work off him
  • Fitness / sports professional
  • International jet-setter who need support in different time zone
  • Head of a large corporation with daily schedule
  • Real estate professional to do research about new properties
  • Any online business owner
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Vrtual assistance is truly a grand gift to busy businessmen!

Operating a business, whether it is a brick-and-mortar operation or purely internet related takes a different mindset today in order to be efficient and profitable.  Using SKG Technology’s back office assistants give you the freedom to expand your business and build profitability into your bottom line.  Low cost administrative help is your key to success.


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You can hire a virtual assistant on monthly basis for a set number of hours per month.